Highlights from our Land Consulting Resume

Stonegate, Cheshire:

StonegateA corporate client owned an 11-acre parcel in the south end of Cheshire. They had been "banking" the land for future use, but decided that they did not wish to carry the land on their books any longer and wanted to turn their land into a liquid asset.  They approached Calcagni Land Consulting with the challenge of determining the highest and best use scenario for their land asset.

We hired an engineer to evaluate the land, and made the determination that changing the zoning to allow for condos to be built on the land would be a win-win for both the landowner and for the town.  A letter was drafted to the town asking them to consider changing the zoning to allow for 26 detached high-end condos to be built on the land.  The condos would target the niche active adult market, filling a void in the town of Cheshire and allowing the corporate customer to walk away in a financially favorable position.

West Ridge, Wallingford:

West RidgeThis piece of land was in the owner's family for 90 years and she was in a position where she needed to free up some capital so that she could improve her house.  We did an evaluation of her land and situation and proposed a plan that would allow her to sell off 75% of her land.  The landowner was able to retain a nice 5-acre parcel for her residence, and had the necessary capital to improve her home.  The town of Wallingford approved the 13-lot traditional subdivision of single-family homes, which sold in record time. 

Boulder Knoll Farm, Cheshire:

In 2000, we handled all of the negotiations between the town of Cheshire and the family who had owned the 90-acre Boulder Knoll Farm since 1904.  As land consultants we believe that there can be a balance between land development and preservation and we advised the family to accept the town's offer to purchase the land for open space rather than develop the piece with a proposed plan to build 38 single-family houses.  It made the most sense economically for all parties involved and the town of Cheshire was able to purchase land that was contiguous to other town owned land. 

Rivercrest, Southington:

StonegateThis property had been owned by a corporate client for approximately 15 years before they made the decision to sell their land and profit from their land asset. For 20 years this piece of land was considered to be marginal, in a less than desirable location and was zoned Z-1 by the town.

Calcagni's Land Consultants recognized that the town of Southington needed more affordable housing. Our team proposed a plan that allowed 92 single-family residences to be built, 20 of which were to be considered affordable. In other words, fifteen percent of the homes to be built needed to be considered affordable to qualify for state funding.  We believe that good land planning should fill a niche in the market.

Miller Estates, Meriden:

Understanding the town's demographics and working with the town planners is key for creating a plan that is mutually beneficial for the towns and the landowners.  It needs to make good economic sense for us and needs to be right for the town.  We've learned to be creative with parcels of land, by determining what zoning will allow "by right", and then propose or create another use for the land which may allow for higher density.  Such is the case with Miller Estates in Meriden, which was a project that had "land in common" or "clusters".  By developing the land in this fashion, it allowed many first time homebuyers the opportunity to purchase a newly constructed home.

Hampshire Glenn, Wolcott:

Hampshire GlennA perfect example of having the knowledge and the vision to offer a landowner a financially viable solution that also benefited the town of Wolcott.  In this scenario, a non-profit organization owned the land and they contacted Calcagni Land Consulting to see what they would suggest they do with the land.  A team was assembled to analyze the land and assess the options.  Under the current zoning regulation, the landowner would have been able to yield 8 single-family homes.  The Land Consulting team proposed a zone text change that would allow 40 detached condos to be built on the land, thus providing the town with a product that they did not currently have.

Montgomery Village, Northford:

A private owner had a plan for this piece of property that would allow 19 single-family residences to be built.  This plan would have been considered a burden on the town's school system and resources.

Calcagni's Land Consultants were able to propose a plan that would offer diversity to the community of Northford and create another use for the land, which allowed for a higher density. Ultimately our proposal allowed for 50 single-family, age restricted detached homes to be built.